About us

What is a Wooyou box?

Wooyou box is a monthly recurring self-care subscription, focused on inspiring happier lives and overall wellness- in mind, body, and spirit. we want to motivate a lifestyle that encourages you to woo yourself. We Support locally produced goods but also bring you trending products from around the world. We care about a sustainable lifestyle, natural ingredients, and purity, hence only get clean products for you.


Why did we start Wooyou?

We believe self-care as a discipline is a necessary part of living, especially in this fast-paced world. At the same time, we know that it’s not easy to make time for one’s self when other priorities compete for your time. At Wooyou, we curate and deliver self-care to make life easier and happier for you!

With Wooyou Wellness Box, we deliver the tools and strategies you need to cope with life’s challenges, using research-based activities. All products and activities are thoughtfully curated with locally produced goods and include an activity that focuses on reducing anxiety, setting goals, and boosting positive mindsets to help you discover self-care and self-love.